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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 21, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. on this thursday, january 21st. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this thorning, damage control. as the white house scrambles to salvage health care reform, the president takes some blame in our exclusive interview. what's his plan now? and a bombshell expected this morning from former senator and presidential candidate, john edwards. reports he admits he's the father of his former campaign worker's child. california clobbers with more pounding rain. planes are struck by lightning. and hundreds evacuate fearing mudslides. sam champion is in the heart of the storm. pictures of tiger woods surface, reportedly showing the missing golf star holed up in this sleepy, southern town. but what's he doing there? and diet wars in court. two of america's welterweight diet giants set to duke it it in
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a slimdown showdown. why valerie bertinelli could be exhibit "a." and there is a lot of news this morning. it looks like john edwards finally going to admit that he's the father of the child of his former campaign worker. he's going to get to that today. we're also getting confirmation this morning that conan o'brien has reached a deal with nbc to end his run on "the tonight show." that could happen this friday. we'll have the deal coming up. also, mr. brown goes to washington. scott brown, the new massachusetts senator elected in that special election that has shaken up the political world. i had the chance to speak with president obama. exclusively, getting his reaction to that election. he admits some mistakes. and takes some of the blame for the loss. and lays out his plans to go forward now.
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let's get to jonathan karl with a look at how the democrats are planning to regroup. jon? >> reporter: good morning, robin. democrats are scrambling to figure out how to deal with their new republican colleague. two months ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find anyone who had heard of scott brown. but he arrives here later this morning, as the man of the hour. rarely has a senator come to washington with so much fanfare. it seems he has single-handedly changed the agenda, even before he is sworn in. >> the election in massachusetts changes the math in the senate. it's easy math. pretty simple math. >> reporter: the new math? democrats no longer have enough votes to pass anything major without at least some republican support. as president obama told george stephanopoulos, health care will have to wait until scott brown gets a chance to have his say. >> the senate certainly shouldn't try to jam anything through until scott brown is seated. the people in massachusetts spoke. he's got to be part of that
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process. >> reporter: republicans are ecstatic about getting their 41st senator. convinced it will mean an end to the democratic health care bill. >> the american people have spoken. the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. stop this process. sit down. in open and transparent negotiations. let's begin from the beginning. >> reporter: brown's election may or may not stop democrats on health care reform. but speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, says she is still determined to get it past. >> we heard. we will heed. we will move forward with their considerations in mind. but we will move forward. >> reporter: i've spoken to more than a dozen democratic senators since the results came in massachusetts. and the message i heard from every, single one of them is that whatever happens on health care, they want to see it happen quickly, so they can move on to focus on jobs and the economy. issues the democrats are now convinced are more front and center in the minds of most voters. robin?
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george? >> all right, jon. thank you. no doubt they want to move forward. you were with the president the morning after. >> and he made the same point. he wants health care to happen fast. he signaled that democrats are not going to get the big plans they had hoped for. it will be a scaleddown plan if anything can get through. but the president was defiant about taking on health care in the first place. take a look. >> if we hadn't taken on health care, what people would be asking right now, why is it, having to promised to do something about that during the campaign, that we're seeing millions of people who lost their health care and their premiums are going up. >> but they say it's not -- >> here's what i know. when they find out what's in the proposals, for insurance reform, for making sure that we're making health care more affordable, those specific provisions are actually very popular. >> you made that speech in august. >> and well, one of the things i've learned in washington is,
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you have to repeat yourself a lot because, unfortunately, it doesn't penetrate. but i'm determined to make sure that the issues that make working-class families less secure are fixed. >> but is repetition the problem here? or is it a lot the american public is not buying it? >> we went back and forth a lot on that during the course of the interview. the president is not apologetic for the substance of what he took on. he believes it is essential. we spent nearly a half an hour together. he did admit mistakes in breaking through and communicating. even suggested he was a little too detached from the american people. it was really the most reflective i've ever seen him. >> one thing i regret this year is that we were so busy just getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crises that were in front of us, that i think we lost some of that sense
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of, you know, speaking to the american people about what the core values are. and we have to make sure those institutions are matching up with the values. and that i do think is a mistake of mine. i think the assumption was, if i just focus on policy. if i focus on this provision or that law, are we making a good, rational decision here? >> people will get it. >> people will get it. and i think what they've ended up seeing is this feeling of remoteness and detachment where, there's these technocrats up here, the folks making decisions. maybe some of them are good. maybe some of them aren't. but do they really get us and what we're going through? and i think that i can do a better job of that. >> that's quite an admission. we remember how he wanted to blackberry. he wanted to really remain connected with the american people. and didn't want to go to
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washington as others had in the past. >> and he became part of the problem. he's also gotten criticism of being a little too cool for school. i think he admitted that, as well. that's something that he has to work on. you know, robin, he still called this the most fulfilling year of his life. and i think a big part of the reason for that was the fact that he was with his family all year long. >> they've been great. that's a constant that i am stunned by. is how poised, cheerful, well-adjusted the girls have been. you know, they've entered into a new school halfway in the year. they haven't missed a beat. they haven't gotten an attitude. they haven't acted any different than they were back in chicago. and michelle's, i think, been stellar. so, and the fact that i have dinner with them every night, has been the greatest blessing of the year. >> when you think about it, he
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was a state senator in springfield, illinois. they lived in chicago. he was in the senate in d.c. they lived in chicago. this is the first time in their lives together they have lived together as a family. >> that's true. thanks for that. we have the bombshell statement from senator john edwards, admitting he fathered a child with former campaign worker, rielle hunter. dan harris has been following the story. he joins us now. >> reporter: good morning to you. we just got ahold of the statement. here's what it says. i am quinn's father. i will do everything to provide her with the love and support she deserves. it was wrong for me to deny she was my daughter. and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me. this is a stunning reversal. we're going to take a quick look back now on how this story has unfolded. when the story of john edwards having an extramarital affair, while his wife was battling terminal cancer first surfaced in "the national enquirer,"
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edwards was emphatic in his denial. >> the story's false. it's completely untrue. i've been in love with the same woman for 30-plus years, as anyone around us knows. >> reporter: he issued further denial when reports surfaced that he and his mistress, a filmmaker named rielle hunter, were having a so-called love child. an aide came forward to say he was the father of the child. but the story exploded in july of 2008, when "the enquirer" showed photos that appeared to show edwards meeting with hunter at a beverly hills hotel. >> will you answer my question? >> i'm going to answer questions at the press conference. >> thank you. see you then. >> i've responded consistently to these tabloid allegations saying i don't respond to these lees. >> that picture is you. and you are holding that baby. >> the picture in the tabloids? >> yes. >> i have no idea what that picture is. >> you've seen it, right?
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>> i did sigh it. and i can't make sense of it. >> reporter: in 2008, edwards spoke to bob woodward and admitted to the affair. >> in 2006, i made a mistake. a mistake that i'm responsible for and no one else. >> reporter: but he still emphatically denied paternity, of frances quinn hunter, almost 2 years old. >> have you taken a paternity test? >> i have not. i would welcome participating in a paternity test. i know it's not possible that this child could be mine. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards addressed the issue on oprah. >> i've seen the baby. it doesn't look like my children. but i don't have any idea. >> reporter: now, john edwards is changing his story. admitting that while he was running for president of the united states, he had fathered a child with his mistress. a scandal that if edwards had become the democratic nominee, could have thrown american
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politics in turmoil. a stunning reversal. a declarative sentence. i am quinn's father. i will do everything in my power to provide her with the love and support she deserves. it was wrong for me to every deny she was my daughter. and hopefully, one day, when she understands, she will forgive me. >> we have a good idea why he's coming clean now. >> because andrew young is coming out with a book in early february, in which he is reportedly going to say he was offered a deal by john edwards to be covered for life. taken care of for life, i believe is the quote, in exchange for claiming he was, in fact, the father. and and drew young has done an exclusive interview which will air next friday on "20/20." >> how did he think he was going to get through a presidential campaign sitting on all this? just unbelievable. we turn, now, to the violent storms in california. rain, snow and tornado-like conditions have turned southern california into a meteorological hornets nest.
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we go to sam champion. >> we're in the neighborhood of la canada flintridge. we're going to show you the homes that go up the steep hill. these are the sandbags here that are put here to deflect the mud and the rain that basically runs, channels down these roads, once it started. it just started raining. you can see just a little bit of rain that's starting here. but the hope is that all of this will keep the mud from the side. now, sheriff's deputies, police officers have gone door-to-door to all of these houses and asked, practically begged these people to evacuate. about 20%, they tell us, are staying. they were told to sign a waiver and put a ribbon like this on their door, while they're waiting inside, in what is another dangerous day of weather. wind, waves and rushing water. and the forecast is for more to come. >> this weather event is not over. >> reporter: in southern california, another day of 60-mile-per-hour winds and heavy
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rains, over an inch an hour. this time, flooding the streets of san ped row and forcing police to shut down the busy 101 freeway. in burbank, two southwest airline planes were struck by lightning when they landed. two passengers were left feeling so numb, they had to be hospitalized. here in la canada flintridge, the fear is mudslides. clearing out debris basins in areas scorched by the station fire. they're the last line of defense for these homes. when it rains, mud and debris runs down the mountain. the basins collect it in a 40-foot-deep hole. in the meantime, officials are going door-to-door, begging residents to evacuate. >> please, please cooperate and obey the lawful orders of your police department. >> reporter: so far, not everyone is leaving. pink ribbons mark the homes where people are staying to mark the risk. >> we've been here for over 100 years. we might as well stay longer.
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>> reporter: further north, the problem is snow and ice. up to two feet in the mountains, forcing more roads to close. another problem with knees storms is the damage they actually do to the coast itself. each one has come in with 15-foot to 35-foot waves, and 40-mile-per-hour to 80-mile-per-hour winds. in pacifica, the coastal erosion is so severe, that this apartment building is dangerously close to falling in the ocean. all this weather is making for some scenic sights and incredible surf. but the coast guard has a message for anyone who is a danger-seeker. >> if you do not have to be on the water, please stay home. and this rain just started within the last 25 minutes. here comes the rain again. exactly what they don't want to hear today. here's the forecast for the rainfall today. and it looks like it is really targeted in southern california today. there is one target zone, from san diego, up toward the l.a. area, where you're going to see anywhere from two to more than four inches of rain. and that is not good news.
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george and robin? >> that's a big target zone. thanks, sam. and bianna's here with the rest of the morning news. >> the government of haiti estimates that nearly 2 million people are homeless following last week's earthquake. many of those desperate for medical attention are being told that the wait could be nearly two weeks. but help is arriving in force. juju chang is in port-au-prince, where survivors are being pulled from the rubble. good morning, juju. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. search and rescue crews continued working late into the night in this neighborhood. it's a frantic race against time. but for those miraculous survivors, the question is what happens next? search and rescue teams are frantically at work, hoping for scenes like this. >> life has been given back to these individuals. so, i hope they enjoy it. >> reporter: hi. bonjour. we tracked down 14-year-old frangina that was trapped in with friends. she learned afterwards kevin didn't make it. what were you thinking when you were grieving in that moment?
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>> translator: i felt terrible. it was like he died in my hands. >> reporter: frangina and 25 family members have taken refuge at her aunt's house. there's no power. no running water. how are you feeling now? >> translator: my head's a little -- i feel dizzy. my head turns. and i feel like i'm going to fall down. >> reporter: i see this scar. what is that from? do you remember? >> translator: that was from a nail that entered into my skin. >> reporter: but now, after all these endured, she still smiles. though she gets just one meal a day, wears the only clothes she has left. just take one, with some water. you should be fine. and we gave her the only medicine she's received, after surviving five days of the unimaginable. rescued, only to find here so many struggles remain. what gives rescuers hope here is that in previous, catastrophic
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earthquakes, they found survives even after day nine. bianna? >> juju thank you for that report. it's a done deal. overnight, conan o'brien and nbc parted ways after days of negotiations. nbc confirmed the agreement was signed this morning. it reportedly includes a $32 million payout to o'brien. and $12 million in severance to his staff. look at this video. this surfer catches some air off a huge wave. and nearly flies into the blade of a helicopter. inside the helicopter, there was a cameraman shooting video of the surfers. they wanted to get in close for a tight shot of the action. maybe they got a little too close. >> you think? >> it's a wipeout for the majs. i feel i'm a daredevil when i push snooze on my alarm clock. >> you rebel now. let's get back to california and sam with the weather. >> good morning, george, robin. we have a lot to talk about this
7:18 am
morning. want to start with the thunderstorms in the deep south. there was another headline story overnight. several storms reported in that area. and today, it's likely we'll see very strong storms that could lead to scattered tornadoes. watch out for the north florida into south georgia area. we have a light icy area. parts of virginia, ohio and indiana. even chicago gets a little icing on the edge of the area there. and then, this next storm, this is the last in the series, that is probably the strongest, has some big rain. has some big wind. the coastal issues with the waves, as well, a real problem for southern california. and even the deserts.
7:19 am
good morning, maryland. meteorologist justin berk watching that storm to the south and west. quickly jumping out of the 20s. two-degree guaranteed high of 40. could be showers late in the afternoon or evening. most of us, begin to get that overnight, those showers will be freezing rain and sleet, maybe snow at the onset and maybe snow at the end. in between, the worst part will be tomorrow morning with ice. next storm will bring rain sunday night and monday. and we are live in la canada flintridge, california, this morning. we will be all morning long. robin and george? >> we can hear the water there, sam. but going forward, it's going to
7:20 am
start getting better, right? >> yeah. once we get past this we'll have a dry weekend. but the real issue for these folks is sometimes these hills will wait days to slide. anytime this weekend, next week, they'll still be watching very carefully to see if all that mud holds. >> all right. we'll get back out to you in a minute, sam. thanks. coming up, where's tiger? the elusive golf star has reportedly been spotted. we'll tell you where he is and what he's allegedly doing there. and an interview with warren buffett. the oracle of omaha, and what he thinks about the special election in massachusetts. coming up. larium bistro. cruisers of all kinds enjoyed their first facials sea. and finally yoga signaled the close of another stress free day. that's the vitality report. i'm melllyn cruising with royal caribbe. why aren't you? [ female announcer ] call your travel agent or visit
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good morning, 7:24. mostly clear skies. temperatures ranging from 27 easton, 25 baltimore, 18 york, pennsylvania. warms back to mid-20s and low 30s to our west. that's where the cloud line is. though we pushed in clear skies so far, the old front boundary
7:25 am
in southeast virginia, trying to make a run at us ahead of the next storm. sprinkles showing through virginia and north carolina. we have the north wind, colder air locked in place. this storm tries to bump into our cold air. southwest to northeast, spreading to our region, thickening up our clouds today. maybe a late day shower in howard county, d.c. and westbound. showers will bring sleet and freezing rain. more widespread ice for all of us after midnight through tomorrow morning. here's kim brown. >> we have result of congestion. harrisburg expressway is checking in pretty good between mount carmel road and the top side of the beltway. no problems on 95 through white marsh boulevard through the 695, 895 split. route 100, on the ramp to northbound 97, that ramp is
7:26 am
partially blocked at this time. still remaining incidents, southbound 97 at the exit to route 32. in howard county, hoods mill road approaching old frederick mill road, that's been reopened. you'll see a 2 to 3 mile delay in both directions there. traffic looks good as you make your way southbound at northern parkway. we'll be right back with your morning news update next.
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7:27. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. our top story this morning: fire investigators are still trying to figure out what started a fire in east baltimore last night. captain roland lark says that his team arrived around 11:00 on oliver street, the 1600 block. they got inside and found the bodies of four people. one a child. it's still not know how they died since the investigation is just beginning. we'll hopefully have more details at 9:00 this morning. carroll county, state police are asking for your help trying to find this missing teenager.
7:28 am
she's 18-year-old, logan, from sykesville. she was last seen tuesday night driving a black jeep cherokee. troopers think she was in the randalstown area. her family says she has a butterfly tattoo on her right ankle. if you know where logan is, call state police right away. let's take you to students from two teachers at the empowerment academy charter school. children started putting together valentine's day cards and yesterday, it was all part of this project called sending love to haiti. they're making cards and sending them to children. beginning next week, they'll begin selling two cards for $5, all the money going to haiti. cards will go on sale this monday until early february. they hope to raise $1,000. casey biersh of northeast baltimore has been working with disabled orphans in haiti since 2004. a facility called the wings of hope center outside
7:29 am
port-au-prince. her mom heard from her one day after the quake last week. she knows in her heart that her daughter is doing the right thing in haiti. we have a link to the wings of hope center and its parent organize, hearts for haiti on our website, that'll do it for us right now. we'll be back in 30 minutes with another morning update. good morning america comes up next in new york. have a great day.
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thinking about losing weight? well, jenny craig has big news. in independent trail trials, jenny craig's clients lost over twice as much weight as those on another weight loss program. >> not so fast, says weight watchers. why they're suing jenny over this ad. who will win the weight loss war? we say good morning, america, on this thursday morning. one more alarm clock. i'm robin roberts. >> i'm george stephanopoulos. also this morning, warren buffett. he has made millions easily as the country's best investor. he sounds out on wall street bonuses. and what he thinks it will take to put money back in your wallet. >> if anybody knows, it's that
7:31 am
man right there. and dr. oz, he knows. the five warning science of alzheimer's. how do you know it's not just a senior moment? but the latest on tiger woods. the golf star's been all over the news since thanksgiving. but he's remained completely out of sight until now. tiger sightings, at hattiesburg. steve osunsami is there. >> reporter: this pain grove health clinic is behind me, is the spot that many people believe tiger woods is holed up, attending a sex rehabilitation clinic. that news has everyone across town buzzing. and has sent photographers into the bushes hoping for a photo. it's the talk of this small, mississippi town. >> the word around is that he's here. >> i would say he's here because you're here. >> reporter: people here claim they've heard that tiger woods is staying down the road, seeking treatment for sex addiction, at this exclusive
7:32 am
rehab center here. they offer an intensive, six-week in patient program, that includes psychiatric consultation, group therapy and work. you think he's here? >> we know he's here. >> reporter: how do you know he's here? >> we know things. >> reporter: the clinic and the golfer's representatives refuse to say, fuelling the rumors. on wednesday, the sightings and the stories which had been building here for days, went into overdrive, after "the national enquirer" published this grainy picture. claiming it was the first photo of woods in rehab. do you guys think that this is tiger woods? >> i don't know. >> pretty close. i mean, it's pretty close. >> reporter: now, there are people saying they've seen him strolling at the supermarket. and seen his wife shopping for shoes at the mall. >> three guys around her. wouldn't let anybody take a picture of her. wouldn't let anybody get near her. who else would this be?
7:33 am
>> reporter: the alleged trip in mississippi is just the latest in what seems like a manhunt for the golf superstar. last week," the sun," said woods checked into a pricey clinic in south africa. there's been reports of woods partying in palm beach, with one of his alleged mistresses. word that he's traveling by yacht to the bahamas. or even sleeping at a friend's house on an air mattress. >> this bizarre thing that tiger woods is reduced to a children's story. where's waldo? you're talking about one of the most recognizable people on the planet. and no one can find him. >> reporter: it's not as if woods was missing. he did say he would take an indefinite break from golf and needed privacy for he and his family. as far as that grainy photo, we can't even confirm that it's him. but photo dealers said if one of the photographers happened to catch a photograph of woods outside this clinic, it would
7:34 am
sell for several hundred thousands dollars. how long can and should tiger woods lay low? joining me here is larry wood d woodard. and in florida, espn's jeremy schaap. what do you make of this story? >> at this point, it's all rumors. since we found haut out that tiger woods was on his way to the hospital after the car wreck. and rumors will continue to swirl in the absence of any statement from tiger about his whereabouts. the way he disappeared has been spectacular. when he appears, when f he sur surfaces, it will be a feeding frenzy. >> it is remarkable that he's been able to stay under wraps for 56 days so far. but he really had no choice. >> i agree with you. probably the most important thing to understand is that the career of endorsers are long. arnold palmer turned 80 years old last year. and he has hatch a dozen
7:35 am
endorsements. tiger has to exercise the same type of discipline that he exercises in his professional life in his personal life. >> do you think this is all a marketing strategy? >> i don't think it's a marketing strategy. i think tiger is a private person. i think he really is a great golfer. you put all those things together and you look at a long career. he's been juvenile. he's done some things that are foolish. and now, he has quite a bit of time to try to be the same kind of person he's been in public that we believed he was, in private. >> and, jeremy, again. we don't know if these reports are true or what to make of them. but i guess it wouldn't be all that surprising in a situation like this. huge, public figure. you'd guess that this stint in rehab is part of the ritual? >> well, you would. and, you know, there's going to be cynics out there who say if he is in a rehab clinic, it is simply a ploy to rehabilitate his image. and that may or may not be the
7:36 am
case. he may or may not be a sex addict. but again, right now, no one is giving him the benefit of the doubt. whether or not it's true, it seems like a marketing ploy. it seems like a cynical move on his part, simply to curry public favor, to gain some sympathy after this episode. >> do you give him the benefit of the doubt? >> i think the golfers by and large care that tiger woods plays great golf. i think the public is split. one part of the public aren't really sports fans. they like sort of the turmoil and all the things that are swirling around him. i believe that i give him the benefit of the doubt. i believe that advertisers have to be slow. they have to be sure. probably take a couple of years. but eventually, he'll probably be a great endorser. >> i'm surprised you think he can come back as a great endorser. but if you're right, what are the other things he now needs to do? >> you have to remember that for tiger woods' entire life, and he's been in the public eye for 31 years.
7:37 am
he's really been a certain type of person to us. we found out that he's not that person. it doesn't take away from the all the things he's done in charity. it doesn't take away from all the things he's done on the playing field. and i believe for an advertiser, speaking from a marketing perspective, that certainly, they have to be sure that they're caring for their brands. but if he comes back and he does those things, and this is an aberration, and he tows the line, they'll come back to him. >> jeremy, whets your guess of when he comes back to the golf course? >> whether it's next month, whether it's three months for the master, whether it's in five months for the u.s. open, it's going to be absolute chaos at that tournament. and that's something that his fellow pga touring pros are dreading. as jeff ogilvie, excellent world golfer was saying. he has to clear the air before he comes back. otherwise, it's going to be mayhem when he does return. >> jeremy schaap, larry woodard, thank you very much. sam champion is leading our
7:38 am
weather coverage in california. >> we are in la canada flintridge. we're watching the sandbags and the rails supposed to protect the homes from the water and the mud expected to rush down with the next storms. this has serious coastal implications, as well. we're everywhere, as you said. our lisa fletcher is in ventura, with the first pictures. lisa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. it is brutal here. we're expecting 12-foot to 20-foot swells. of course, this is the leading edge of the storm that's going to end up where you're at in l.a., in a few hours. i'm at the ventura pier. they had to close it over the weekend. the waves knocked out some of the pylons and knocked them out to sea. not only is the national weather service predicting three more inches today. they're also predicting funnel cloud danger, all the way from here to seal beach, 80 miles south. sam? >> we heard about that. we saw pictures where ryan owens is in seal beach, of how close the water line was on the shore.
7:39 am
ryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. you should be able to see the pacific ocean normally from where i am. what the community of seal beach did, was bring in bulldozers and build a 15-foot berm of sand to protect those homes back there. over the last several days, this has held up. it has worked. but as you know better than i do, sam, today will be a very difficult day for these homeowners. much more rain in the forecast. sam? >> yeah. this one is supposed to pack a wallop, ryan. incredible pictures from ventura and seal beach this morning. and expected to be big pictures from la canada flintridge. let's get to the maps. show you what's going on. the last in the series of storms. a thursday night/friday morning situation for these foengs it brings all of them again. the mountain snow, the flooding rain, the strong, gusty winds, the pounding coastal surf. it's been a rough week for california. and they can't breathe a sigh of relief yet. we think the wind will spread
7:40 am
all the way into las vegas, also with heavy rain, as well. there's likely to be flooding even in desert areas. and we're watching another line of southeastern storms tod and we are live, all over the state of california this morning. george? >> and we will see you in our next hour. thanks, sam. next, warren buffett. his take on what it will take to turn around the economy and get money back in your wallet. a student-led revolution. a rallying cry for change in an otherwise unchanged educational system. people like me have something to say.
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three courses, two people, $20. start with a shared appetizer, choose two entrees from over 15 chili's favorites, like our new better-than-ever baby back ribs. then share a dessert. chili's. three courses, two people, $20. we're back at 7:43. let's take a look into america's economic future with a man they call the oracle of omaha.
7:44 am
legendary investor warren buffett's famous shareholders meeting usually takes place in may. but this week, he convened a special meeting. bianna golodryga took a trip to omaha, to visit with buffett. >> reporter: this is the first special shareholders meeting he held since 1998. it was a big deal. and the purpose was to discus birk shire hathaway's plan to buy burlington northern. i had a chance to sit down with buffett, to asking him about a variety of topics, including the stunning election in massachusetts. and the implications for health care. do you think health care is dead? >> i don't know if it's dead. but it was in sort of the sniffle stage before. it's in intensive care now, obviously. but how it all plays out, who
7:45 am
knows? you know? you're going to need 60 votes. i don't think going to the house directly is likely to work. the american public is not enthused about the health care bill. and that was expressed -- health care's going to be tough whenever it's brought up. i do think the economy has to be job one. when people don't have jobs, when they're not feeling good about the economy, they're going to be sour on things generally. and the economy has to come first. >> reporter: the last time we spoke, you compared the first stimulus plan of taking half a tab of viagra. >> yeah, right. >> reporter: but you suggested we may need a second one, as well. do you still feel that way? >> we need to get money in people's pockets. and the first stimulus plan, in my opinion, wasn't terrific in doing that. got loaded with all kinds of things. if there's any government activity now, i think it should be directly targeted, to the extent necessary, in just getting money in the pockets of people who need it and want to
7:46 am
spend it. >> reporter: i want to ask your opinion on the administration's decision to tax wall street banks. >> i don't think it makes sense. by and large, the banks, many big ones have repaid the government back with high rates of interest. i mean, 20% interest. the banks are not going to be the cause of big losses in the t.a.r.p. program. i don't think it makes any sense. >> reporter: do you think the administration should have been taxing wall street bonuses? >> there's no question, if i want to get elected to congress, i might be going after bankers. that doesn't mean it's right. unless the money goldman pays in bonus, the iger the earnings that come to me. it doesn't go to the government. it goes to the shareholders. it's a false argument to say we'll take away the bonuses and solve everything. there's a lot of bonuses that aren't justified. make no mistake about that. but if they get paid for performing, i don't have a problem. >> reporter: what about unemployment?
7:47 am
currently hovering at 10%. do you think we've hit the peak? or will it continue to rise? >> i don't see a big bounce of employment. how big is the workforce in determining the unemployment rate? i don't think it's a high probability. but i wouldn't rule it out. >> reporter: what's the first thing you could do to trigger job growth here? >> that's a big question. get money into people's hands that they're going to spend it. that's a classic solution. we've done some of that. but this has been a big problem. i mean, it doesn't lend itself, you know, to a magic bullet. if i had a magic bullet, i'd mail it to the president. >> i guess you can say the bullet's in the mail. buffett weighed in on the housing market. he believes that it's under way. the key, he said, is to make sure that inventories stay down, which means he'd like to see fewer homes built over the next few months. >> it's legendary that he lives in the same home he's lived in for years and years and years. >> same home. same, frugal car. >> thanks so much.
7:48 am
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7:52 am
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7:56. we're looking at mostly clear skies downtown baltimore. the sunlight shining on top of the national aquarium. view looking north shows high thin clouds out there. down to 23 in columbia. mostly mid- to upper 20s right now. in towson, reisterstown, 29. hitting the 30-degree mark in manchester, northern carroll county. we'll see increasing clouds. gradually lowering, thickening and dimming out the sun. going to build back with showers already in southwest virginia. that's part of a much larger
7:57 am
storm across the southern plains. rolling eastbound. it'll develop another storm off the coast, bump into cold air, spreading into snow and widespread ice. what happened from west to east. howard county, chance of late showers. temperatures reaching 40. those showers could be sleet, freezing rain and snow. more ice expected overnight. icy problem on friday morning. low temperature around 31. here's kim with traffic. >> heavy on congestion, light on incidents, although traffic is at a crawl here on the outer loop of liberty road to the route 70 interchange. the inner loop is running slow between the baltimore national pike and 795. rosedale, eastbound pulaski highway, todds lane. blocking one lane on the westbound span of the bay bridge. traffic stop and go on the northeast corner of the beltway as well. charles street to 83. as we look at the jfx traffic will be heavy for the overpass down to about north avenue.
7:58 am
give yourself a few extra minutes this morning. harrisburg expressway is checking in incident free, we'll be back with more good morning america, next.
7:59 am
8:00 am
they're calling it starve wars. it's a slimdown showdown. get it? get it? it's a showdown between weight watchers in one corner. jenny craig in the other corner. no joke here. they're heading to court. we're going to tell you why this valerie bertinelli commercial is causing so much controversy. that's all ahead. good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> i'm george stephanopoulos. valley bertinelli, witness for the defense on thursday, january 21st. also this morning, we're going to try to get to the difference between being distracted and forgettable and having alzheimer's disease. dr. mehmet oz is here to tell us what the warnings signs are and what you can do about it. >> and he's holding that now. it all makes sense with dr. oz. and beckley worley is back.
8:01 am
she tests the infomercials we see. and today, she's testing out the exercise products. >> feeling the burn. >> i don't know what that's supposed to do. we'll figure it out with becky. slim down or tone up. look at this mom of four. she says she's cut her food bill by more than half. >> how? >> she says her secret is planning her family's dinners for an entire year. she'll tell us how that works. i don't know how that can work. she will tell us how it cut her food budget in half. we get to the news this morning with bianna golodryga in for juju. >> good morning, everyone. more on the breaking story this morning. former presidential candidate, john edwards, now admits he did father a child with a former campaign worker. this, after denying it for nearly two years. edwards released the statement this morning. and dan harris is here with that. dan? >> reporter: this is a stunning reversal for a man who repeatedly denied having a child
8:02 am
with his mistress, rielle hunter. it says, i am the father. it was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter. and hopefully, one day, when she understands, she will forgive me. the one reason he is likely coming forward this morning may be because his former campaign aide, a young man named andrew young, has granted an exclusive interview with abc's bob woodruff. he tells woodruff in this interview, that edwards said he would take care of him for life, if he claimed falsely to be the child's father. >> he asked me and fred baron, to arrange for a fake paternity test. >> a fake one? >> a fake paternity test. get a doctor. it's a fake dna results. and he asked me and sherri to steal a diaper from the baby, so he could secretly do a dna test to see if it was his test. >> reporter: when he refers to
8:03 am
sherri, that is his wife. he has children of his own. he has a new book out next month, called "the politician." and that interview will air next friday on "20/20." in other news, president obama takes aim at wall street today. mr. obama will propose new limits on the nation's biggest banks, as he looks to beef up the financial reform bill as it makes its way through congress. the bill plans to limit the size of banks so they don't become, quote, too big to fail. it would also limit their ability to place high-risk bets with borrowed money. in president obama's interview with george, he may be able to scale back his reform plan, now that scott brown has been elected senator in massachusetts. turning to haiti, as 2 million people are homeless. many quake survivors are facing a two-week backlog to get medical help. 16,000 american troops will be on the ground by the end of the week. and donations are still pouring in. so far, the red cross has
8:04 am
collected nearly $140 million. and governments around the globe have pledged nearly $4 billion. now, a look at what's coming up tonight on "world news." here's diane sawyer. >> good morning, bianna. thanks. tonight on "world news," we'll bring you the top stories. and the latest on the runaway toyotas. even when we first reported on the deaths, even after the big recall, new reports of problems. and brian ross is on the case looking for answers. >> thank you. and finally, darn. your internet passwords may not be so secret anymore. a list of millions of passwords stolen by a hacker shows quite a it turns out one in five of us others include, abc 123 and princess. there goes my passwords. now, on to weather with sam champion in california. good morning, sam.
8:05 am
>> good morning, bianna. we're here with bob spencer of l.a. county public works. weaver been seeing the rails along the way. we found out it's pretty scientific the way you placed them in design. tell me how they work and why they work. >> we have debris basin in the top of the street. if that debris basin was to top over with mud and debris, the rail keeps it on the street. >> big chunks of trees, mud, would flow in the street. you want them to stay on the street and over the side of the road here, deflect off this. >> that's right. that's why you see this configuration. will show it into a canyon behind us. >> you know because you've seen the flows work, what houses to put them in front of to get the debris away from where you want it. when do they not work at all? >> it's not a question. we haven't seen them not work at all. if the debris flow was to be ji normous, that would present a problem for us. we haven't needed to use it. we hope we can get through the
8:06 am
rest of this day. >> thanks for stopping by to explain it to us. let's get to the boards quickly. show you what's going on this morning. on the big fly-by, you see the big storm. the last one in the series, makes its way on to the west coast. that's mountain snow and desert flooding. all the problems will continue for california. a strong round of southeastern thunderstorms, as a storm that was here yesterd
8:07 am
and we are live in la canada, california. robin? >> all right, sam. thank you. now, the battle of the bum j-busters. diet company, weight watchers, has filed a lawsuit against one of its top competitors, jenny craig. calling its ads misleading. ashleigh banfield is here. >> i'm sucking in my tummy as i talk to you. it's no secret this is happening right now. really no surprise. we're all battling these holiday pounds. this is really the season to lose weight, which is why we find ourselves in this legal battle. what it all comes down to, robin, is this. you might find yourself seeing right now that a clinical trial ends up as a civil trial. they're just about everywhere you look these days. >> i feel 20 years younger. >> reporter: skinny people pitching skinny bodies. it's a $40 billion business. and the celebrity-packed ads -- >> i've lost over 5% of my
8:08 am
weight. >> losing never felt so good. >> the first week i lost three pounds. >> reporter: -- are hard to miss. >> i felt lighter. i felt like i have that energy. >> reporter: and who could forget kirstie alley's transformation, from this. to flaunting her bikini bod on oprah? but one new ad has two weight loss giants squaring off. in one corner, weight watchers. in the other, jenny craig, whose new ad, featuring valley bertinelli. >> jenny's cuisine and personal consultant, makes all the difference. >> reporter: claims its weight loss program is twice as effective as its main rival's. >> jenny craig clients lost on average, over twice as much weight as those on the largest weight loss program. >> reporter: those claims have weight watchers fighting mad. they say jenny craig's so-called science is a big, fat lie. >> the claims they were using in that advertising, was deceptive.
8:09 am
>> reporter: and they're taking their fight to court. >> they compared a study they did this year, for oner. to a study we did ten years ago. >> reporter: the ads never mention weight watchers by name. but -- >> everybody knew. you know? you say the world's leading weight loss company. everybody knows you're talking about. >> everybody feels that the court will side with us and agree with us, that our advertising claims are truthful. >> reporter: we showed the ad to this expert. >> you can't compare the studies that were done in different locations, at different times, using different groups of people. >> reporter: while the two companies slug it out, a federal judge for now has issued a temporary restraining order. halting jenny craig, from showing its ads. the ceo issued a statement to abc news.
8:10 am
>> the clinical practices might be inconvenient for jenny craig. but most of us who do things the right way, with the right set of standards, would go through the trouble of doing it. >> reporter: in reality, the two programs are very different. weight watchers' business relies on selling the philosophy of lifestyle change, a point system, and group srt pop. while jenny craig's bread and butter is the sales of its packaged meals. >> the fact is, you have to find the program that works best for you. >> reporter: and weight watchers actually, one of the curative measures that the company wants is for jenny craig to run ads, saying that it lied. a bit of a long shot, robin. >> but just ask for it. you ask for everything and see what comes up. what's next in the case? what are the key issues actually? >> reporter: the key issues are whether the issues amount to
8:11 am
lies. was the information false, number one? and was it misleading to the point where it's effectively considered false. they have to get right to the heart of each american who consumed that ad. and whether you or i, as ordinary people, were affected by it. that's hard to quantify. >> that's up with the tro. that's legal talk for the temporary restraining order. >> look at you. >> i've been around. >> the tro is a big deal, actually. in the commercial libel suits you don't typically get them. they're rare. and the judge thought i think there's enough financial damage that cannot be cured down the line with a big, fat wad of cash from the defendant in this case. i need to stop things now, before there's irreparable damage. it bodes well for weight watchers. >> nice to see you. i have been digging the glasses. >> they're real. >> okay. >> i can't see a thing without them. >> tell us what you think, about the glasses and the diet wars. you can weigh in at our shoutout
8:12 am
board at coming up next, the warning science of alzheimer's. dr. oz is here and has the latest for us. what are you up to now, dr. oz? ? ♪ introducing new dove men+care with micromoisture. this new technology activates on contact leaving your skin moisturized. it's clinically proven to fight skin dryness better than any regular men's body wash... leaving your skin feeling comfortable. new dove men+care. be comfortable in your own skin. ♪ is showing isabelle that mommy feels confident. be victorious. lose up to 6 pounds... in 2 weeks by taking the special k challenge. get started at ♪
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every time every time we talk about alzheimer's. it's a disease that affects 5 million people in this country. and if you ever wondered if that senior moment was something more worrisome. dr. oz is here to answer your questions about it. and gives us a test on how to keep our mind sharp. first, just let us get back to basics. what is alzheimer's? what does it do? >> imagine your brain is a bunch of power lines, taking information from one part of your body to another part of the brain. and you got sap from pine trees that cover over the power lines that interfere with the ability that communication in the brain to occur. alzheimer's is fundamentally that. the problem is, as we get older, we have a higher sensitivity to alzheimer's. the instance of alzheimer's is 5 million to 6 million. triple in our lifetime. >> but the other problem is, there isn't a definitive test for alzheimer's. >> true.
8:17 am
we need to put it on our radar screen. we'll get alzheimer's or know someone who has it. and the tests are invaluable for identifying a genetic cause for alzheimer's. much of the disease is driven by our lifestyle. it's the one-two punch of disease of the brain, combined with inappropriate lifestyle, that prevent the long vital life we crave. >> what are the warning signs? >> you have memory loss that's destructive to your life. it's not that you just can't remember things here or there. you forget where you're going. it's more of a profound level of memory loss. something for the kids on the way to school. >> forget your glasses. forget where you left them. >> what if you put your glasses in the refrigerator and you can't retrace your steps again? that's the kind of memory loss we're talking about. you aren't aware of the memory loss. you accuse people of stealing from you. you ask questions over and over again. these are some of the tell tale
8:18 am
signs where loved ones are noticing the similar thomas. >> it also can affect your speech. >> affect your speech because you search for words. and because you can't mimic the words you want to say, you make up words to get around the hindrance. the human brain is designed to be resilient. we'll create words to get to what a key is. the thing that opens the door. that's why families are unaware when loved ones have alzheimer's. >> bring it on. what are the tests? >> they're on you can do it when you get home. don't write the words down. say them to yourself. palm tree. nun. cigar. beach. get all of the words out. by the end of the segment, i will quiz you again. i want to figure out how many of the eight words you remember. >> can't wait for that. >> i'll try to do that on the end of the segment, george. >> this is not going to be so easy. so, the other warning -- not
8:19 am
warning sign, but predisposition for alzheimer's is genetics. if your parents have alzheimer's, you're more likely to get it. >> there's been beautiful studies done, showing you can have an instance of alzheimer's with vigorous daily activity. and eating a diet that's reminiscent of the mediterranean diet. there's places that can't find alzheimer's. the incident in india, is a quarter of this country. some of the tips we're going to offer is designed to get folks to live that kind of a life. >> let's get to that. >> first, talk about the traditional med med tearian diet. so, they're omega 3 fats. effective in managing stress. big issue in america. but stress helps us forget things, which we don't want to have when we have alzheimer's. aspirin.
8:20 am
big anti-inflammatory pill. it works on pain, too. as are b vitamins, to keep the electricity flowing through the main. and tumeric. these are the spices that we know stop the sap from coming on our neurons. >> what should we do to be healthy overall. but this is very specific. >> it's very specific. we think it's the reason that india has the lowest cases of alzheimer's that we mentioned. if you identify herbs to reer to mental 23u7xing, it means a lot to us. what's good for the heart, is good for the brain. high cholesterol, hypertension, the diabetes, the big bellies cause inflammation, that worsens the alzheimer's that americans are suffering from. >> what is it about the greek diet? you're making me feel better. >> the greek diet, lycopene from tomatoes. anti-oxidants. healthy oils in the diet.
8:21 am
reduces the also heimer risk because we think it reduces the inflammation, the irritation we were describing earlier. you're hujing on your quiz now. >> i'm trying to collect everything right now. go ahead. let me get the test. >> i gave you eight words. >> i think i do. nun. cigar. house. professor. palm beach? >> that's perfect. that's great. palm trees. >> palm tree. and that's it. >> that's very good. if you have three or less -- it really is. if you have three or less, i get worried. and if you don't recognize what you missed, that worries me more. four or five, the memory's reasonable. if you're a six to eight scorer, you are an exceptioner memory person. >> later, we will show about panic attacks. >> panic attacks afflict amazingly one-third of us. you have a bunson burner in your body draining your energy. there's much more you can do to
8:22 am
prevent anxiety. >> more tips from dr. oz an >> more tips from dr. oz an we'll be right back. i want to do a portrait, of every man, womld in this beautiful country of ours... 300 million people, at one time. i said, i can do it but you better get me my left handed scissors. we're going to take a snapshot ("pop") of america. isn't that what the census is doing? yeah who's in? with a brief look at the action on royal caribbean's new oasis of the seas. carolina o found her thrill 9 decks above the boardwalk. meanwhile, 3-year-old axel rode his first carousel at sea. taylor from florida went surfing somewhere in the middle of the ocean. and finally, the turners and kratzes enjoyed dinner in central park. that's theews. i'm stilt walker christy pipe on royal caribbean's oasis of the seas. why aren't you?
8:23 am
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8:25 am
looking outside right now, looking at temperatures ranging from 26 degrees in baltimore, 28 degrees in easton. 20 towards york, pennsylvania. essentially we have clear skies and clear skies giving way to high thin clouds. next storm system coming up from the south. cold air in place right now, that next storm system is set to arrive and catch up to our cold air. we have this widespread area developing into snow and more ice to be expected as warmer clouds will produce rain drops that fall into a colder air layer. basically sleet and freezing rain expectation into tonight and tomorrow. for today, two degree guarantee of 40 with thickening clouds. late showers could arrive in howard county. down towards d.c. with that storm approaching from the
8:26 am
southwest. for most of us after dark and daybreak. some snow, more sleet and freezing rain. temperatures to around 31. more likely rain around the bay and eastern shore. plan for ice problems tomorrow morning. a lot should come on to an end by mid-day, early afternoon. >> it'll be slow and stop and go around the outer loop this morning. no problems to let you know about on 695 at the harford road exit up towards belair road. little slow-going, but no incidents to let you know about. 95 southbound at the fort mchenry toll plaza. in essex, we have utility polls down at the intersection of middleboro road and route 702. baltimore county and pikesville, an accident remains at slate avenue and smith avenue. as we look at jfx, it'll be a slow ride to north avenue this morning. we'll be back with your morning news update next.
8:27 am
our top of story this morning: investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire in east baltimore last night. the captain says his team arrived around 11:00. they got inside and found the bodies of four people. one of them a child. it's unknown how they died since the investigation is just beginning this morning. two teachers at the empowerment academy charter
8:28 am
school in baltimore city are raising money for victims of haiti after last week's earthquake. children started putting together valentine's day cards. the project called sending love to haiti. beginning next week, they'll be selling them two cards for $5 with the money going towards haiti. school officials say when the children finish the cards, they'll be professionally copied and mailed off. >> they are writing their message about what love means to them in their smaller circle, but at the same time, they're understanding what love is in the bigger circle, of um, humanity. >> the school is home to more than 200 children pre-k to 8th grade. the cards will go on sale monday until early february. the school hopes to raise $100,000. excuse me, $1,000. all new this morning: we're a few hours away from a huge
8:29 am
announcement in regards to the use of maryland's dna database. the state police are expected to make an announcement that baltimore is the first police department in the state to reach significant benchmarks in the use of dna to fight violent crime during the past three years. that's your news update right now. we'll send you back to new york for good morning america, but hope you'll join us in about half an hour for good morning maryland at 9:00. see you then.
8:30 am
here we go. ♪ you spin me right round baby ♪ like a record, baby the things we do for you on "good morning america." it ripped my wig off of me. >> what are you doing there? >> it's called the hawaii chair. i was risky life and limb for the good people of america. that's what i was doing, george. an infomercial exercise phenomenon. becky worley is back. has a brand-new crop of exercisers. only becky can do. work it. make it burn. >> it seems like that would make you seasick. >> it does seem that way. good morning, america. robin, george with you on a thursday morning. >> juju's down in haiti.
8:31 am
we're also here with team image, before we get to juju. they wanted to be on tv this morning. and they've done it. >> sam's not here. >> you guys are skaters, right? >> yeah. >> and they all -- >> we're the ice skating team. >> you're synchronized screamers, as well. very well done. we'll check in with juju back in haiti. and she'll explain to us something that's part of haitian culture that's often misunderstood. that's voodoo. and we'll meet a mom a little later on, that's planned her family's dinners for an entire year. >> how can you do that? >> we'll find out. she cut her grocery bill in half. >> we'll find out later. first, a sneak peek at the new legal drama that has so many people working. it's a grup of young lawyers that just signed up at a cut throat law firm. it's called "the deep end." and its star, billcy zane is here. >> thank you. groom. >> you look so good. >> thank you. >> you smell good, too.
8:32 am
>> looking good yourselves. >> like that. "the deep end." i heard, word on the street is, it's like a hipper, little "l.a. law" from the day. and a little "grey's anatomy" set to a law firm. >> that's fair. that's just. it's a show about hope and ambition and risk-taking. mistakemaking, in a firm with five associates in "the deep end," as it were. and management partners that hold the key to their futures. and -- hold your ears. bed-hopping and back stabbing at the watercooler, if you like that sort of thing. >> down and back there. you play -- you're such a sweetheart. but you play a villain. you play the bad boss. >> i do. i play clifford huddle, who is fondly referred to as the prince of darkness. he's stylish and slightly evil. >> just slightly? >> just slightly.
8:33 am
just enough. he is the coach you hated on the day but owe everything to. he terrifies and teaches the associates. and he's a brilliant lawyer. you know, a managing partner. and she's a shark and brilliant at what he does. they severe and fear and certainly admire him and his wardrobe. it's extraordinary. >> do you like playing those types of roles? >> i love it. it's a hoot. you know? it's a great front from which to operate and be a complete bleeding heart. hey. good morning. >> don't yank her back by -- the little one -- i love -- are you the mom? i love how the mom takes her by the back and yanks her back. you do play those roles so well. i look at you. and you've done everything. and i still think "titanic." >> you saw that one? >> you were so maliciously evil in that. >> deliciously? i play myself. i get what?
8:34 am
i get more love for being me for five minutes. well, yes. >> you're back, baby. we're glad it's back on abc. >> good to be. it's a pleasure to be. it's a wonderful show. tune in and enjoy it. >> stop by anytime. "the deep end," tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. billy zane, ladies and gentlemen. i don't know what you're wearing. but it smells so good. >> well, thank you. >> it's like smell-o-vision, i wish. sam is often like that, too. but he's covering the powerful storms in california. i know you want to be here, sam. but we're glad that you're there. it's very important you are. >> i just left there. >> i do. robin and billy zane, who is standing beside you, he does a lot of work with the u.n. and these small countries doing renewable energy. and anytime i've been around him and the u.n., it's as if you don't exist. the world revolves around billy zane. everybody's drawn to him. everybody wants to talk to him.
8:35 am
>> much the same. >> it's like, yeah. it's an amazing thing. >> very sweet. the delegates lounge. more policy goes down in the lounge than the general assembly. fascinating place. i recommend a visit for all. certainly the efforts. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things we want you to know about. there's weather all over the country today. and they're from these storms that have moved in across from the west coast. we got one more round that comes in today. this could be the strongest in the series this week that moves in. so, everyone on the west coast is watching it. the fewest storms that have moved in this week, have moved across the country. we have some flooding rains in the desert areas, as well today. strong, gusty winds. already, we're setting up for
8:36 am
and we are live in la canada flintridge this morning. george? >> sam, thanks very much. we're going to turn back to juju chang in haiti. you know, so many of the earthquake victims are relying on their faith in this time of crisis. and for many in haiti, that faith is voodoo. one of those words that everyone has heard. everyone has heard through countless movies. but few understand what it means. we'll sort out the myth from reality. we go back to juju chang in port of prin ort o prince this morning. >> reporter: there's a saying in haiti, that it's 10% catholic. and 100% voodoo. i met with a spiritual leader of priests here in haiti. he's trying hard to apply age-old wisdom to a massive
8:37 am
disaster. max is a pillar of the haitian spiritual community. one of the few survivors. and there is much healing to be done. >> they're not only wounded in their body alone. they are wounded in their spirit and their mind. they see as an act of god. meaning god would decide to hurt haitian people. which, of course, is wrong. >> reporter: voodoo is a religion wrapped in so much mystique. bouvoir, a biochemist that worked in the united states, blames hollywood for the misperception. >> voodoo is not about sorcery. it's not black magic. it's a legitimate world view about sublime ideas about the relationship between living and the spiritual realm. >> reporter: voodoo mixes african traditions and christianity. and now, the disaster here is testing the faith. tens of thousands of bodies have been poured into mass graves.
8:38 am
and for voodoo practitioners, it's an abomination to skip sacred ceremonies like this. >> we believe everybody lives 16 times. >> reporter: does a nondecent burial prohibit that? >> yes, of course. and in fact, by putting people, the body of people in tracks, dropping them like dirt into holes, we have filled. >> reporter: now, recently, bouvoir met with the haitian president preval. and he argued this was a matter of decency. no matter how grave the natural disaster, we shouldn't sacrifice decency. he is meeting with leaders to give last rites at the mass graves, george. >> juju, thank you very much. forgive me if you don't know the answer.
8:39 am
i was struck when he said in their religion everyone lives 16 times. you know why 16? >> reporter: 16 times was an interesting number. eight times as a man. eight times as a woman. only then, when they reach a sort of enlightenment, not unlike buddhism, do they then pass on to the spirit world. >> juju chang, thanks very much. when we come back, you've seen it on tv. but does that exercise equipment real
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
the girls in the control room are excited about this. it's that time again. becky worley is here to grade a new batch of infomercial products that promise to make your life so much better, for just a little bit of cash. we're talking exercise equipment, aren't we? >> yeah. it's the time of year we get in shape. let's get inspired there, rocky. >> we hear the "rocky" theme. let's look at the shake weight. we look at the infomercial and see if it works. >> are your arms jiggly? flabby? and out of shape? would you like to go from flabby to fabulous? you're ready for the shake weight. the revolutionary new way to shape and tone arms that's shaking america by storm. >> team image is giving it a shot. >> yeah. my grade is a b-plus. as ridiculous as it is, it actually gets triceps and dealts, if you're using it. i tried this at home.
8:43 am
and here's the thing. i keep it by the microwave. when i'm heating something up, i can grab it. and then, i can use it real easily for the minute or so i'm heating something up. >> and you feel a difference here? >> triceps, delts, you feel the burn. it looks ridiculous. don't let your kids catch you doing this. >> what is this called? it's called -- >> the wave. >> the wave. let's look at the wave. the infomercial. >> now, the firm introduced its new fast track to body slimming and fat burning. the wave personal gym. >> this is the coolest piece of equipment i've ever seen. >> it's just a blast. you don't feel like you're working out. i felt like a kid on a toy. >> the moment i stood on the wave, i felt every muscle in my body engage. >> i like the music in these things. i'm afraid to say i gave the wave a c-minus. >> really? >> yes. here's why. most of the routines have you
8:44 am
dancing around the wave. and it's a lot like step aerobics. the other thing is, when you're actually on it, and working on it, it doesn't really destabilize your core so much that you're engaging. it seemed gimmicky to me. and the company had a retort to that. >> what did they say? >> they said, it's different from a plank. it's different from step aerobics. they have hundreds of exercises. they refute that claim. >> gee. you look out of breath, though. >> i am. step aerobics kicks my butt. >> your twins get you going. i've seen this before. >> yes. this is a pullup bar. check out the infomercial. >> get into your strongest shape ever. tone your leanest and most beautiful upper body. befine your arms. a solid back. and ripped neck and shoulders. introducing the power trainer pro total body workout system. >> and the grade? >> i gave it an a-minus.
8:45 am
let's roll the home video. it's not bad. you put this up into the doorway. and it holds your weight. it really is sturdy. the only complaint about it is i had to assemble myself. and look. >> wow. you really are strong. >> okay, okay. but that actually is a good point. for women who think they can't do pullups, getting that support gives you a very good workout. a-minus. >> not bad. >> yeah. >> this is for the hard core. this is if you're serious about getting a good workout. what's it called? p-90x. here's the infomercial. >> forget about buying a year's membership at the gym. instead, spend 90 days at home, using an elite fitness program, unlike anything you've ever experienced. it's called p90x. >> it's hard core. >> serious. this is a b-plus. this is intense. yes. this is 12, different workout
8:46 am
dvds. it bases itself on muscle confusion. it wants you to do a different routine every day, so your muscles don't get attenuated to the same thing every day. but they want 90 minutes a day. >> come on. >> 5 days a week for 90 days. >> yeah, you'll look good if you can devote that much time. who can? >> that's the point. if you really get serious, and you're ready to make a commitment. and a financial commitment. it's not cheap. about 140 bucks. that's the reason it got a b-plus. but this is great exercise science in my opinion. i'm not a scientist. but i'm doing it. and it's hard core. >> if you're hard core and serious about it, that's great. if you're not, this is for you. >> this is for you. >> what do all women look at when buying jeans? that's right. they're sexy or not so sexy bottoms. imagine being able to reshape your backside and get that lifted, shaped booty. it's here, booty pop. >> booty pop.
8:47 am
>> i gave booty pop a "c." let me tell you why. before and after pictures. we have an unnamed person. we have photographs of their bottom before and after. that's a significant bump. it's about an inch. >> why did you give it a "c"? >> look at the next peck chur, which is, when you're wearing a dress, you can really see the outline of the cushions. >> that's true. >> and god forbid anybody tries to cop a feel. it's obvious to the hand those are falseys. >> did the company give a statement? >> they say it's supposed to work fine under sheer fabrics. and look at jessica here. >> is it comfortable? >> i don't think i would wear this out because it feels too fake. but definitely makes your booty pop. >> hence the name. >> there you go.
8:48 am
there you go. >> thank you so much. you have built up a sweat young lady. >> i'm telling you what. >> we have more information about these products mrus a list of other infomercial exercise products becky has reviewed, all at next, how this mom saves big. she plans her menus for th [ male announcer ] mark your calendar. the "verizon fios days to save event" is here. a limited time opportunity to save $20 a month, when you sign up for fios tv, internet and phone for the great low price of $89.99 a month for one year with a two-year agreement. with 100% true fiber optics, you'll get an amazing hd picture, blazing fast internet, plus, crystal-clear phone. all for just $89.99 a month for one year. discover a whole new entertainment experience that goes beyond cable. thousands of your favorite shows and movies available at the touch of a button. forget the title? no problem, it's easy to search for shows by keyword or actor. it's no wonder fios tv has three times more very satisfied customers as comcast.
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okay. how is this for planning ahead? meet one texas mother who doesn't just know what she's cooking for dinner tonight. she has planned out her dinners for the entire year. leslie chisholm says she's cut her family's grocery bill by more than half. we want to know all about that right now. by plotting out her meals ahead of time. and patricia lopez from our affiliate in houston has the story. >> reporter: leslie chisholm admits keeping up with a family of six, that includes four boys, is not easy.
8:51 am
>> kind of like a circus. there's something going on all the time. >> reporter: that's why dinner time has to be organized. >> it's easier for me because i know xaktdly what we're having. i don't stress out and go, what am i going to cook tonight? >> reporter: leslie and her husband came up with the idea to plan every, single dinner for the entire year, after trips to the grocery store were getting expensive. >> i guess it was two years ago. my husband looked at me and was, like, okay. our grocery bill is just out of control. >> reporter: leslie says she was doing a lot of compulsive shopping or wasting wasn't using. the family was also eating out a lot. >> the hamburger meats. the chicken. >> reporter: the plan was this. she asked her family what they like to eat and what they don't like. >> we try to pick a different meat with different vegetables and different sides. >> reporter: then, she made a list of entrees and sides.
8:52 am
from that list, leslie made up her meal plan on a calendar. every, single day of every month, there is something different to eat, with one or two days a month built in for leftovers. when it comes to shopping for groceries, leslie always takes her menu to the store. she also builds up a stockpile when items go on sale. >> you can kind of wait for the meats to go on sale and the vegetables to go on sale. >> reporter: finally, she buys in bulk to save money. when she gets home, she separates her servings. >> put it in my baggies. i label it. and it's stacked in my freezer. >> reporter: then, when leslie is ready to cook each night, it's on her calendar. and she's fully stocked at home. >> it makes my life easier because it's one less thing that i have to worry about because it's already written down. >> and that's really something. leslie chisolm. we could do that at our house, too, because the girls would want mac and cheese every night for a year.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
i calculate my own payroll. it works... pretty well. right, guys? announcer: there's an easier way. do your payroll with intuit online payroll. just enter employee hours. it calculates all the taxes and creates paychecks. get a 30-day free trial at
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and also tomorrow on "good morning america," emeril lagasse is going to be here. he's making food for all those football playoff parties this weekend. we have two, great games this weekend. >> sam will still be in california, looking out for those storms. >> and we have team image. they're synchronized ice skaters. >> going to the playoffs next week. >> did you hear the little voices all during the show? we're going to stay good-bye with them. have a great day, everyone. good morning, we have ourselves a few high clouds beginning to stroll in. those become more numerous as
8:57 am
the day rolls on and eventually dim out the sun completely. 31 arnold and towson. official numbers still lagging. mid-20s in baltimore. we've had cold air filter back in. now we're going to watch showers already pulling up through the appalachians. storm bumps into our cold air. snow well to the northwest. more likely a sleet and freezing rain event. that is going to be uh, leading to an ice problem for us overnight through tomorrow morning. maybe showers west and south, otherwise, just look for increasing clouds. two-degree guarantee upper 30s to near 40 downtown. tomorrow morning, icing problems giving way to the storm pulling out by the afternoon. >> a lot of those earlier volume delays pretty much cleared out around the outer loop.
8:58 am
we're looking really good on the inner and outer loop lanes at harford road. we have a crash currently blocking two lanes. around baltimore county, crash in owings mills. essex, poles down at middleboro and root 72. we have a crash at route 108 and route 32. taking our final look at the jfx stop and go between the overpass down to north avenue. clears out about here. [ male announcer ] mark your calendar.
8:59 am
the "verizon fios days to save event" is here. a limited time opportunity to save $20 a month, when you sign up for fios tv, internet and phone for the great low price of $89.99 a month for one year with a two-year agreement. with 100% true fiber optics, you'll get an amazing hd picture, blazing fast internet, plus, crystal-clear phone. all for just $89.99 a month for one year. discover a whole new entertainment experience that goes beyond cable. thousands of your favorite shows and movies available at the touch of a button. forget the title? no problem, it's easy to search for shows by keyword or actor. it's no wonder fios tv has three times more very satisfied customers as comcast. get three amazing services for only $89.99 a month for one year with a two-year agreement. don't wait. jump on this limited time offer and save big now. call 1.866.680.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. this is beyond cable. this is fios.


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